About Us

Central park bke rental & Tours

Who Are We?
Cycle Central Park is a leading online New York bicycle rental company that is committed to the delivery of exceptional services to every client. Through a dedicated commitment to quality, we provide you with fun filled rental equipment and safe fun rides with friendly services.
Regardless of personality, a tourist or a local resident, we provide every one with a fun filled way of exploring the city, getting around in fun and style. This we achieve by upholding the following core values:
In all we do, we are Innovative.
We demonstrate a passion for excellence
We ensure we engage all our clients
We guarantee you have a fun packed time
We are consistent in all our dealings
What We Do?
Cycle Central Park provides bike rental services in central park offering recreational bikes, professional road bikes, transportation bikes, kids equipment and Pedicab tours onine. We also offer guided tours, working tirelessly to ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction. You can count on us as whenever you are planning on spending a few hours or the entire day at the park, always know that our team is there to accommodate all your needs.
Who is on our team?
Our team is made up of passionate and experienced staff. We are always committed to quality, demonstrating a passion for excellence. We ensure that our staff upholds these policies as they interact with our clients.
We are committed to doing more than business as our long term goal is to create leaders. To achieve this, we educate our team members on principles that governs excellent customer care services, people skills while we provide excellent environment that condones leadership and personality development.
This could be you. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and have the experience of a lifetime.